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Watch Diary: Time to Improve your To-Do Lists

Watch Diary: Time to Improve your To-Do Lists

Here we have the Watch Diary from Connect Design. As you can probably see, it’s a little different from your average diary. It contains an embedded clock to help you manage time and plan your day in a more unique, visual way.

Teachers are always short of time, and we all have days where we have to try and cram in various tasks into just a few hours. It’s quite easy to fill a regular diary with things to do, and not realise that you might not have time to complete everything. The Watch Diary helps you easily control how much you have to do, and when you have to do it. And with the built-in clock, you’ll always be able to see if you’re running a little behind schedule.

It would also be great for planning class trips or any other school events, and the pages can be simply torn off and photocopied or displayed.

It’s available in two versions – one that has a watch diary on the left hand side, with a plain notebook on the right (Watch Diary Note), and a second version that is only a watch diary (can be seen above).

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