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Information and Notes for Teaching Applications

Information and Notes for Teaching Applications

Here is some information I have collected about applying for jobs. The sources for this post are listed at the end of the post.

Using the advice received from other people, I have made some mind maps using key words, buzz words and current initiatives in education. I’ve written how my experience applies to these areas, which I will then transfer into smaller sentences then eventually my own application. Once this is done, you have everything compiled to help with your interview preparation. I thought I would share a generic version of these mind maps without my personal experience and application so you can make it your own. There is a lot of overlap and repetition, this isn’t an accident, there are so many cross overs in education and making my maps help remind me and link ideas together.

Note: You can view each mind map slightly bigger by clicking on each image.

N.B. The mind maps were made in the iPad app SimpleMind+ Free. The information shared in this post has been selected from a wide variety of sources notably: TES Forums, TESS, Aberdeenshire Probationer Support Programme – Successful Applications and Interview Techniques, colleagues advice, The Standards for Full Registration, old university notes and personal experience!

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