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10 Fun, Novelty Erasers to Make you Smile

10 Fun, Novelty Erasers to Make you Smile

Correcting mistakes has never been so fun.

Erasers have always been tools that are readily used in the classroom. Making mistakes is an essential part of learning and these ten fun erasers add a little bit of excitement to the mix.

Many of them are well known objects that have been resized and turned into rubber. The amount of detail achieved is quite brilliant.

cactus rubbers uk

1. Cactus Set

More Information


uk pound notes rubbers

2. Pound Notes

More Information


junk food erasers

3. Food Set

More Information


tricky puzzle erasers

4. Tricky Puzzles

More Information


city skyline eraser set

5. Famous City Structures

More Information


giant colourful erasers uk

6. Giant and Colourful

More Information


tip-ex correction fluid eraser

7. Tip-Ex Correction Fluid

More Information


packet of biscuits erasers uk

8. Packet of Biscuits

More Information


iphone smartphone erasers uk

9. iPhone/Smartphone

More Information


pizza box slices uk erasers

10. Pizza Box and Slices

More Information

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