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Africam is a free and interactive African wildlife safari

Africam is a free and interactive African wildlife safari

View up to nine live cameras documenting the daily lives of Africa’s wild animals, such as elephants, zebra, giraffe and more.

Africam is the home of free live video streams that give unparalleled access to African wildlife. The cameras are setup in prime locations throughout the African bush, delivering content that is always changing, and providing the sights and sounds of Africa without physically being there.

Due to the nature of wild animals, you never know what you’ll see. A troop of baboons? A solitary rhinoceros? A pride of lions? Any highlights that are discovered on camera are automatically saved so you don’t have to watch the cameras 24/7 to see something exciting. However, watching live means you never know what you might encounter.

A lot of the cameras are located near a water source which attracts a lot of thirsty animals desperate for a drink. The short clip below is one of the video highlights that was captured on the Nkorho cam of a herd of elephants drinking at a watering hole.


In addition to the live video feeds, you have the option of listening to the sound only. Africam Radio streams the audio as an MP3 so you can feel like your classroom is in the middle of the African savannah. If you hear any commotion, you can always switch to the video feed and see what’s going on.

To learn about some of the animals you might see or hear on Africam, there’s a dedicated Animal Database with images and sound to help with identification. Each photograph listed was captured by one of the live stream cameras – so there’s always the possibility that you might see one!

As of today, you can view all the streams on the Africam website but they also have a mobile app in development that will be coming soon for iOS and Android.

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