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Our Most Popular Teaching Resources from 2016

Our Most Popular Teaching Resources from 2016

The top 10 list of our most popular resources that were added to the site in 2016.

It’s the end of another year and it’s time to compile our top 10 most popular resources from the last 12 months. There’s times tables, newspaper templates and a variety of posters – all free!

In the list, we’ve only included resources that were added to Paperzip in 2016, but you can view our previous top 10 lists from 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012.

Thank you to all who have visited, downloaded or shared a resource — we surpassed 500,000 downloads in 2016 and it’s all thanks to you. Hopefully you’ll stick with us through 2017 and beyond!

10. Understanding Angles

understanding angles posters ks1 ks2

9. 50 Commonly Misspelled Words

commonly misspelled words poster

8. Recognising and Identifying Fractions

identifying recognising fractions ks2 poster

7. Word of the Week Newspaper

word of the week newspaper poster

6. Colourful Times Tables

colourful times table bookmarks printable

5. Lego Alphabet

lego alphabet free printable

4. Lego Head Emojis

lego head emojis emotions printable

3. Vocabulary Poster Set for Writing Stories

vocabulary posters writing stories

2. Pokemon Times Tables

pokemon times tables printable free

1. Old Newspaper Article Template

old newspaper template ancient faded

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