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Sharpie Paint Markers for Intricate Artwork

Sharpie Paint Markers for Intricate Artwork

These valve-action Sharpie paint markers are oil-based and permanent.

Their quick-drying ink marks opaque and glossy on light or dark surfaces and is fade, water, and abrasion resistant for a long lasting durable mark.

Sharpies have long been a leader when it comes to pens, making high-quality, permanent markers. These paint markers are no exception. They allow very intricate markings on just about any surface you can imagine, and the quick drying ink ensures it doesn’t run.

Great for arts and crafts or other activities in the classroom. They’re quite expensive but you can buy them individually if you just fancied a couple of colours for special projects.

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  1. Michelle Amoyon

    Hi. Where can I buy these sharpie paint markers ?

    • PaperZip

      Hi Michelle, there’s a link to buy them at the bottom of the post – where it says “More Information”.

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