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Sumblox: Unique Wooden Building Blocks for Maths

Sumblox: Unique Wooden Building Blocks for Maths

Each number block has its value represented by its height.

Sumblox are a new product for helping children learn about numbers and basic arithmetic. The blocks act as a creative tool to make maths concepts more tangible and easier to understand. They help with addition, subtraction, multiplication and fractions.


Students use SumBlox to investigate factors and multiples. Multiplication comes to life as they physically see the relationship between multiplication and repeated addition. As they dig deeper into multiplication, they discover the commutative property and build SumBlox Factor Walls to discover all of the factors of a number.

sumblox multiplication


SumBlox allows teachers and students to explore fractions in a stress-free environment where every aspect of fractions can be seen and experienced. By using SumBlox, students can truly understand the relationship between the numerator and denominator and use this knowledge to find fractional parts of whole values, find equivalent fractions, compare and order different fractions, convert improper fractions to mixed numbers, and even add fractions with different denominators. Not only will your students be able to master these skills but also they will know why the math works!

sumblox factors

Sumblox is available in two sets: home (43 blocks) and teacher (100 blocks). The teacher set is large enough for the classroom and comes with four teaching manuals to help you get started.

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  1. We absolutely LOVE these blocks! They arrived this week and the concepts the kids have devised through play are amazing. I couldn’t recommend them enough. I’d love to see them in homes and schools!

    • PaperZip

      That’s great to hear! They’re such a unique and fun way of learning.

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