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10 Unique, Novelty USB Flash Drives

10 Unique, Novelty USB Flash Drives

Every day we deal with files at school or home, so why not have a bit of fun with our picks of novelty usb flash drives.

Even in today’s world of cloud storage, many of us still carry around a USB drive. The only problem is, they’re so boring and uninteresting! Hopefully our list below shares a few unique flash drives that you didn’t know existed.


1. Mimibot Einstein X

The first in a brand-new series of MIMOBOT flash drives from Mimoco honoring iconic figures in history. Their latest offering is none other than the most influential physicist of the 20th Century: Albert Einstein!
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lacie iamakey

2. LaCie iamaKey

With the LaCie iamaKey, high design meets affordable data protection. The key-shaped design is functional and memorable, and the protection that the LaCie iamaKey offers makes it extremely reliable.
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stormtrooper usb drive

3. Stormtrooper

Love Star Wars? Here’s the perfect USB drive. It’s part of a Star Wars series of USB drives that also features Darth Vader, Master Yoda, and Bobba Fett. Each sold separately.
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lego brick usb drive

4. Lego Brick

Everyone knows all about Lego bricks, but now you can have one that stores all your files.
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avengers usb drives

5. Avengers Collection

To celebrate the release of the Avengers movie, Marvel have created these super durable little USB drives. Available in a number of versions, and storage capacities.
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slr camera usb drive

6. Mini SLR Camera

This mini camera is perfect for storing all your photographs. It features a durable rubber casing and a surprisingly high amount of detail for something so small.
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wristband usb drive

7. Wristband USB Drive

This handy wristband is great for those who are often forgetting their USB drive. It simply clips around your wrist so you don’t need to worry about losing the cap either. Available in six colours and three sizes.
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queens guard usb stick

8. Queen’s Guard

Who better to protect your data and your computer than one of these steadfast Queen’s Guard soldiers? It comes in many parts that you assemble yourself. Once it’s built you can move the limbs around to create any pose!
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mickey mouse usb drive

9. Mickey Mouse Head

This cute Mickey Mouse drive is available with a 4GB capacity and has a small chain that can be incorporated into different consumer devices, either on the phone, keychain etc.
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f1 car usb drive

10. F1 Racing Car

A high quality USB drive made from stainless steel. Ideal for car enthusiasts.
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