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Evernote: Free Digital Notebook for Storing Files, Images & More

Evernote: Free Digital Notebook for Storing Files, Images & More

Evernote is a very clever notebook which stores; audio notes, text notes, websites, photos and PDF’s online, which means you can access your notes at work, home and on the go. This brilliant free service ensures that you never forget anything again. While I have always been aware of the benefits of Evernote, I’d never really given it my full attention. It was after reading a few articles suggesting a variety of practical uses for Evernote that it became an integrated part of my life – not just a useful tool to use.

My Notebooks – Personal

Filing Cabinet

Evernote allows you to encrypt text notes which means important documents can be stored online. However, as a very cautious person I do not have any bank account information but I do store utilities bills, receipts, budgets, etc in my online filing cabinet.


I keep a note of any “ooh, that’s nice” comments from friends and family which I then take with me on the Christmas shop.


I keep a record of measurements, such as my partner’s shoe size, my sister’s dress size, my ring size, etc to use at the crucial moment. Very handy when you’re buying birthday presents but don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Wish List

This notebook has web clippings and photographs of all the things I would like. It’s great because I shared the notebook with my partner after he asked me what I wanted for my birthday.

My Notebooks – Professional


With over 250 notes, this is by far my fullest notebook. To ensure organisation of the notes I use tags – which makes it easy to search for a specific note. The tags I use: AiFL, ASN, Assessment, Classroom Organisation & Management, CPD, Cooperative Learning, Curriculum, Games-Based, Planning, Reflection, SFL, and Strategies – to name a few.


Evernote makes it very easy to take photos and upload them into a notebook with tags. I personally have taken full advantage of this tool and have hundreds of images all sorted and organised. Working in a school you see lots of great ideas, resources, displays and work, so I take a picture and store it on Evernote in my Ideas Notebook for the future.


I write my ideas and draft blogs in Evernote when I am on the go, when I have access to a computer I simply copy and paste them into WordPress.

Wish List

Similar to my personal wish list but filled with all my teaching related cravings.

Follow this link to get Evernote

The links below are the original articles which inspired me!

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