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Cordless Pocket Projector for your iPhone

Cordless Pocket Projector for your iPhone

This simple device attaches to your iPhone 4/4S and instantly adds a bright, high-quality pocket projector.

The pocket projector is a quick, hassle-free way of getting your iPhone screen displayed onto a wall. The super bright LED bulb is capable of displaying a 50″ screen and has a lifespan of over 20,000 hours. The projector will work with any app that supports dock-connector video out, including the stock Videos and Photos apps, as well as 3rd party apps like YouTube or Penultimate. A lot of educational apps support the video out feature so it’s great to have around the classroom.

Using the projector is simple. You just slide your iPod or iPhone into the case which also charges your battery up to 80% capacity if needed. You don’t have anything else to setup like cables or tricky software, it just works as soon as you open a compatible app. You can adjust the focus on the side of the projector by scrolling the silver wheel (as seen above) until your image is sharp. The sound from the built-in speaker could do with being replaced as it’s not very loud. We suggest connecting to external speakers by using the iPhone/iPod headphone jack.

It’s quite a lot of money but it’s a great tool to have for adding a big screen to your classroom. You can also take it with you on class trips and watch a related video whenever you find a blank wall – just make sure it’s dark enough so the projection is nice and crisp.

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