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Talk Tracker: The MP3 Recorder for Children

Talk Tracker: The MP3 Recorder for Children

The simple recording device that every classroom should have.

Not only is the Talk Tracker easy to record on, but all your recordings can be transferred quickly to a computer by using the USB cable that’s included. You can then add your recordings to a folder, tweak them in an application or upload them to a blog or website. As all of the audio is saved as MP3s, you can also add it to your iTunes library for burning onto a CD.

The Talk Tracker is extremely easy to use, displaying coloured buttons for starting and stopping recordings. Some recorders can be quite complex so it’s good to have one that kids can understand without too much assistance. The top half of the Talk Tracker has a loudspeaker so that you can listen to recordings without the need for headphones. The Talk Tracker is powered by a 4 hour battery that can be recharged via the USB cable whenever someone is using the computer.

In a busy classroom, it’s hard to record certain things as every knock, squeak and bang is picked up by the microphone. However, with the Talk Tracker, it does a fantastic job of blocking out unwanted background noise, whilst keeping the closer voices crisp and clear. It’s great for recording group discussions and keeping track of speech development.

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