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Wreck-it Ralph Reward Chart

Wreck-it Ralph Reward Chart wreck-it ralph reward chart

As you might know, Wreck-it Ralph was a 2012 hit from Disney Pixar. Our reward chart tries to emulate the Fix-it Felix, Jr. game from the movie in which Fix-it Felix has to repair all the windows in the building. The reward chart displays the building on a printable A4 with an accompanying page for printing off broken windows. You place the broken windows over the current windows (with blu-tak) and remove them when a reward has been achieved. It’s entirely up to you how many broken windows must be fixed to complete the building. There’s also a printable Felix icon to indicate what row or section you are currently at. Don’t forget, you can cut-out and laminate all the parts for a more durable solution.

File type: Zip
File size: 536.7 KB
Suitable for: KS1/KS2
Downloads: 379


The file you download is a compressed zip file that contains all the resource files described above. You can easily double-click the file and it will open right up. If you need any help at all, you can catch us on Twitter or Facebook.

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