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Healthy Eating Alphabet

Healthy Eating Alphabet

Our Healthy Eating Alphabet contains all 26 letters created using various healthy foods. There are 4 letters to an A4 page.

File type: Zip
File size: 4.8 MB
Suitable for: KS1
Downloads: 1,521


The file you download is a compressed zip file that contains all the resource files, usually in PDF format. You can easily double-click the file and it will open right up. If you need any help at all, you can catch us on Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. John Lee

    Hello: Love your food alphabet. I am getting ready to launch a Scratch Cooking from A-Z content series for Cheddar’s restaurants e.g., A is for Alfredo Sauce. I am interested in using your alphabet to accompany these posts, one post/letter per week. May I?



    • PaperZip

      That sounds exciting! Of course you can.

      • John Lee

        Awesome. Who should I credit?

        • PaperZip

          No need for credit. We’re still working through our terms at the moment, but for now you can use freely.


      John have you figure out a way to copy each of the letter? I also want to use these letters but I can’t copy the ones I need adobe won’t let you do it any help would be appreciated Thank You Candice

      • PaperZip

        Hi Candice, the PDFs contain four to a page that aren’t editable. We will update the pack to include individual letters on Tuesday 6th May.

        • PaperZip

          Update: We will have the individual letters up on the site within the hour.

  2. John Lee

    OK. Thanks.


    I wanted to used only certain letters and I’am having a hard time to copy only the letters I need is there a way to do this, adobe won’t let you copy the letters.

    Thank-You !

    • PaperZip

      We’ve now added the individual letters to the pack. If you download the resource again, they should be in there. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Heather

    I’m making a blog logo; may I use a couple of these letters? I absolutely love them!!

    • PaperZip

      Of course you can :)

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