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Tagged: personalise

Blank Easter Egg Templates

March 27, 2013 | PaperZip

Ten blank easter egg templates with stripes, spots and more. Great for colouring in, painting and adding to your Easter displays. There is one egg to an A4 page. Read More

Woolly Hat Templates

March 15, 2013 | PaperZip

When life gives you winter weather – design a hat! Six different styles that can be drawn and painted to add a splash of colour to winter. Read More

T-Shirt Templates

March 15, 2013 | PaperZip

Each item of clothing is on a single A4 page. Items included are: two styles of t-shirts; two styles of long-sleeved t-shirts; one hooded top; one polo shirt and one sweatshirt. Read More

Blank Christmas Card

March 14, 2013 | PaperZip

Blank Christmas card template for pupils to design their own. The back of the card allows them to sign their name like a real card manufacturer! Read More

Blank Viking Ship

March 11, 2013 | PaperZip

Let pupils create their own custom viking ship by designing the sale and shields of the boat. Read More