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Blank Passport Templates

Blank Passport Templates

Available in 4 coloured versions and a plain black and white – suitable for the photo copier. It contains the front/back cover as well as the first couple of inside pages.

The information page has areas to draw a self-portrait or attach a photo, as well as stating your nationality and country flag. It prints at roughly the same size as a standard passport (3.5″x5″).

File type: Zip
File size: 11.7 MB
Suitable for: KS1/KS2
Downloads: 52,957


French Passport Template for KidsDanish Passport Template for KidsSpanish Passport Template for KidsGerman Passport Template for Kids

The file you download is a compressed zip file that contains all the resource files, usually in PDF format. You can easily double-click the file and it will open right up. If you need any help at all, you can catch us on Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. Courtney

    As a French teacher, this has been a great resource to find! I am constantly looking for various tools to use as reward systems in my classroom to encourage students to speak in French. For the upcoming school year, my students will all receive their own passports and as an exit routine, each student who spoke in French for the entire period will receive a stamp for their passport. Once they have collected 100 stamps, they are able to pick a prize. I really appreciate the translated version that Paperzip has provided — thanks guy!

    • PaperZip

      Thanks for sharing, Courtney! :)

  2. Jeannie McGeorge

    Thank you so much for adding a Spanish version so promptly!! What a great addition this passport will be as we celebrate the New Year tradition of “la maleta” (the suitcase). In Colombia, children run around the block with an empty suitcase to ensure the New Year will be filled with travel. We will be creating paper suitcases and filling them with different items as we travel through different Spanish speaking countries. ¡Gracias!

    • PaperZip

      Sounds great! The passports will be perfect for it!

    • Marcela

      Jeannie, I don’t see the Spanish version. Where can i find it?

      Also, I’m from Colombia and I loved the idea of the suitcase. I did it myself once!!!

      Do you think you can send me your instructions or templete for that project?

      thanks a lot.

      • PaperZip

        Hi Marcela. You can download the spanish version by clicking on the flag icon underneath the download button.

  3. Paula Ford

    I would like to purchase 20 pretend passport for my church.

    • PaperZip

      Hi Paula, we don’t offer printed passports — just the downloadable templates above.

  4. OMG!! I am making passports for my U.N Day son at school as I am the room mom….
    kids are going to be trilled…. thank you so much….

  5. Iyayi

    DO you make us passport? not the physical thing just a copy

    • PaperZip

      Hello, we only have the four colours but they are blank inside so you can adapt them to any country.

  6. Matin Tav

    Can you edit the front as well and how do you assemble it

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